Sunday, December 24, 2006

Abstract Art????

I just answered this on line query from NSR160

“Dont understand Abstract art.
As the topic say.I realy dont understand abstract art.Im trying to learning about art, but never fund anything about abstract.I have see many abstract paintings.I realy want to understand it, from an abstract painters eyes.What makes the abstract art live.Rigth now i see it as a lack of skill. It dont seem to have many boundrys.(if any)So I hope some of you can change my mind about it. ”

My answer.

I just don't understand abstract food. I mean what’s the idea of a candy bar? What does it represent? Now a chocolate bunny that's something that I can really sink my teeth into! I know what it is supposed to be and I find that to be a real expression of talent but a flat Hershey bar, what the hell is that supposed to be? Who can enjoy eating something so untalented?

And what about all those songs without words? How are we supposed to understand an abstract song? I think that that Beethoven feller was just one big phony!!! No words, no meaning. He was just pulling all our collective legs.
All those no talent phonies, especially that Satie guy and his wordless tone poems!!!!

What about all those drummers? Not even a melody. What gall!

What about all those stupid mathematicians??!!! The phony Baloney numbers scammers. I don't understand that kind of abstract stuff either!!!!

I think that books without pictures should all be thrown away their just way too abstract for my taste. I mean if there are no pictures how are we supposed to figure anything out. That Shakespeare was sure one phony feller with all them words and all!

But from my point of view the worst offenders are those internet people with them abstract names!!!! I mean why would anyone name themselves a number like NSR160? Now that's way too abstract for me!


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